Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Up-to-Date – Release 6.30.19

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Release 6.30.19

In diesem Release behobene Probleme 6.30.19


  • Fix: #6457 Html mail is not shown due error in htmlfilter.
  • Fix: #6992 Using the edit as new option in your Sent Items twice doesn’t work.
  • Fix: #6864 Convert to task doesn’t set default priority.
  • Fix: #6869 Search doesn’t show subfolders checkbox when inbox isn’t selected.
  • Fix: #6991 Php-ext segfault fix.


  • Fix: #6662 Recurring meetings one hour early between 25 oct and 31 oct.
  • Fix: #6831 Initial hierarchy sync with large changes table is very slow.
  • Fix: #3810 Many customers have from time to time lock wait time out messages on the syncs table.


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