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Zarafa Groupware: Zarafa Client Update für Version 7.1.x veröffentlicht

Lampertheim, 15. November 2012 – Am Mittwoch, den 14.11.2012 hat Zarafa ein neues Client Update für die Version 7.1.x veröffentlicht. Dies wurde notwendig, nachdem am 13.11.2012 Microsoft das Outlook 2010 Update (KB2687623) veröffentlicht hat. In dem Update von Microsoft sind vor allem Bugfixes für Stabilität  und Leistung sowie Neuerungen implementiert.
Zarafa empfiehlt daher die Aktualisierung des Zarafa Clients, wenn Sie das Outlook 2010 Update installiert haben.

Der Download Link für den neusten Zarafa Client finden sie hier:


Wenn Sie das Zarafa Kompatibilitätspack installiert haben, müssen Sie dies vorher deinstallieren.

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Up-to-Date – Release 6.30.19

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Release 6.30.19

In diesem Release behobene Probleme 6.30.19


  • Fix: #6457 Html mail is not shown due error in htmlfilter.
  • Fix: #6992 Using the edit as new option in your Sent Items twice doesn’t work.
  • Fix: #6864 Convert to task doesn’t set default priority.
  • Fix: #6869 Search doesn’t show subfolders checkbox when inbox isn’t selected.
  • Fix: #6991 Php-ext segfault fix.


  • Fix: #6662 Recurring meetings one hour early between 25 oct and 31 oct.
  • Fix: #6831 Initial hierarchy sync with large changes table is very slow.
  • Fix: #3810 Many customers have from time to time lock wait time out messages on the syncs table.

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Up-to-Date – Release 6.30.18

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Release 6.30.18

In diesem Release behobene Probleme 6.30.18


  • Fix: Message with read receipt keeps asking to send a response
  • Fix: Free busy of first appointment is shown when opening series of recurrence.
  • Fix: Very fast dragging & dropping in calendar can result in duplicated or empty appointment.
  • Fix: Resize appointment by dragging will go use a wrong start/end time.
  • Fix: Appointment marked as unread in your calendar, will be not be marked as read after opening them.
  • Fix: Cannot create a 0 minute appointment.
  • Fix: Move mail without destination folder selected will make mail disappear.
  • Fix: Semicolon missing after updating a meeting request.
  • Fix: View all proposals does not work as delegate.
  • Fix: Reply on a email with email attached will include the attached mail.
  • Fix: Birthday appointment has wrong syntax format in some languages.
  • Fix: Private calendar item not respected in list-view in WebAccess.
  • Fix: Changing appointment length deletes appointment.
  • Fix: Config option in WebAccess(config.php/defaults.php) to disable html filter.
  • Fix: Set focus on subject when creating new calendar item in WA.
  • Fix: Focus on body when creating a new note.
  • Fix: Focus not on folder name when creating new folder.
  • Fix: New items not visible when inbox has focus.
  • Fix: Items can be moved to root folder.
  • Fix: Forwarding email on behalf of will not contain attachment if (auto) saved as draft before sending.
  • Fix: calendar item not visible selected after switching calendar views.
  • Fix: Convert Email to task breaks on umlauts in subject and owner name.
  • Fix: Webaccess adds escaping character opening email address with full name between quotes.
  • Fix: Contact birthday: You must specify a valid date(after 1990).


  • Fix: Unable to open entire shared store outlook 2010.
  • Fix: Segfault zarafa-server 6.40.4 (rare occasion on restore deleted items.)
  • Fix; Support for Outlook 2010 in 6.30.
  • Fix: New mail counter not shown when folding group.
  • Fix: Attachments do not show in webaccess and Outlook.
  • Fix: Outlook crashes when resolving of user fails when username is ambiguous not-exact match.
  • Fix: BES5 will not successfully resolve name when there are username who look the same.
  • Fix: Upgrading from 6.20.x to 6.30.17 fails (offline db).


  • Fix: Segfault zarafa-admin when calling –list-companies.
  • Fix: SQL error: Out of range value adjusted for column ‚val_hi‘ in table properties.
  • Fix; Sever thinks that there is a commercial license.
  • Fix: spooler can deadlock
  • Fix: Can delete the task folder via Ical.
  • Fix: Can edit private appointments on the iphone/ipad.
  • Fix: DAgent fallback delivery on mail „parsing failed: 0x00040380“.
  • Fix: Attachment not displayed in certain cases.
  • Fix: Zarafa-server 6.40.2 final segfault.(rare occasion)
  • Fix: Zarafa-admin tool allows linebreaks characters in names and email addresses.
  • Fix: Zarafa-backup 6.30.15 segfault public store.
  • Fix: Small memleak in the zarafa server.
  • Fix: spooler loops with 100% cpu when SMTP server is missing.
  • Fix: Error in thunderbird after moving e-mail.
  • Fix: Zarafa-server segfault when using recover deleted items.
  • Fix: Memleak in restriction code.
  • Fix: Win32 documentation in linux man page.

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Up-to-Date – Release 6.30.17

Zarafa Collaboration Platform – Release 6.30.17

In diesem Release behobene Probleme 6.30.17


  • Fix: Double-click create appointment, missing a lot of buttons.
  • Fix: Timezone gmt-3 Brasilia has october 17th twice. (only in XP sp3)Reported by DW2124
  • Fix: New appointment always uses today’s date when double click to create it.
  • Fix: Default reminder set on appointment even when turned off in settings menu.
  • Fix: Double-click create appointment, missing a lot of items.
  • Fix: Proper handling of mailto urls in WA’s index.php?action=mailto.
  • Fix: Reply to all on email send to permission group is not working.
  • Fix: Mailto links in header broken (user is added with double brackets in the new mail).
  • Fix: Scheduling tab is blank when inviting a external contact.
  • Fix: Reply to all on email send to permission group is not working.
  • Fix: Organiser is shown as required attendee in meeting request.
  • Fix: Sub-folder does not expand in ‚create new folder view‘.
  • Fix: New folder via New menu.
  • Fix: Recurrence start date uses today’s date instead of the given date.
  • Fix: Move mail without destination folder selected will make mail disappear.
  • Fix: Calendar not refreshed after drag and drop an appointment.
  • Fix: Unable to close shared folders.
  • Fix: Double click in multi user calendar on a day will take date of today.
  • Fix: Task start date will change due date.
  • Fix: Ok button GAB does nothing.
  • Fix: Response buttons come on scheduling tab if meeting request is made in shared calendar.
  • Fix: Can drag and drop mails in you root folder.
  • Fix: Bad HTML style can break on reply.
  • Fix: TO and CC header does not size up to three lines.
  • Fix: Can create all-day appointments by drag and drop with end date in the past.
  • Fix: Attendee not saved in meeting request.
  • Fix: Attachment not shown for attendee when it is added to a occurrence.
  • Fix: Unable to drag distribution-lists to a public folder.
  • Fix: Html mail is not shown due error in html-filter.
  • Fix: Delegate store webaccess results in blank page.
  • Fix: Signature drops down two lines in new mail on the first enter done in the body.
  • Fix: Changing appointment length deletes appointment.
  • Fix: Extra config option in WA to force SSO to be off or on.
  • Fix: Creating a recurrent appointment in the Webaccess will always trigger the zarafa-fsck with missing property.


  • Fix: The second hierarchy sync will export all changes again.
  • Fix: Offline server does not handle active <-> non-active changes properly.
  • Fix: Outlook search is inconsistent, no results show at all (olk2007, 2010).
  • Fix: Crash in outlook (2010 and 2007).
  • Fix: Cannot remove folder from favourites folder (by removing the check in properties menu).
  • Fix: Meeting request send from Outlook will add a R for enter when invitation is received via pop3.
  • Fix: Reminders will still be pop-up although they are dismissed.
  • Fix: Attachment missing when receiving email in outlook.


  • Fix: Libicalmapi has some memleaks in freebusy code.
  • Fix: Apache segfaults when passing limit 0 to mapi_table_queryrows.
  • Fix: Segfault in php mapi_zarafa_setuser call.
  • Fix: Distribution list breaks after a few contacts after reconnect of mysql.
  • Fix: Zarafa-spooler tries to send delayed messages continuously.
  • Fix: Caldav: libical goes into infinite loop due to appointment with abnormal time-zone struct.
  • Fix: Dagent not accepting email if sender address starts with a space.
  • Fix: Server_socket will not be used when using a config file with zarafa-admin tool.
  • Fix: Segfault of Zarafa-gateway 6.40.2.(rare occasion).
  • Fix: Spooler: crash in spooler while sending exceptions MR.
  • Fix: Iphone: response meeting request is not updated.
  • Fix: Reading item in evolution will directly result in unknown error.
  • Fix: Show more details with zarafa-admin –list-orphans.
  • Fix: Tasks are not marked complete in Mac Mail.
  • Fix: Caldav: Cannot add attendee to new meeting in
  • Fix: Allday event from exchange is not seen as all day event in Zarafa and visa versa.
  • Fix: Gateway returns conversion errors.
  • Fix: Zarafa-server crash with webaccess contacts.
  • Fix: Gateway does not return ‚0 EXISTS‘ in empty folder.
  • Fix: Attachment data can be placed in the ECMemTable.
  • Fix: Apple mail client tries to open empty folder.
  • Fix: IDLE doesn’t work well with apple mail, and is looping sometimes.
  • Fix: not working for ubuntu 10.04.
  • Fix: Caldav: Sending meet request to a external contact results in a error in the log.
  • Fix: Caldav: Task functionality in caldav.
  • Fix: Caldav: Wrong behaviour when moving 1 exception.
  • Fix: tzset multi threaded issues.

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